• US municipal bond investors concerned with climate change as a credit and portfolio performance risk have had little data with which to drive allocations and position surveillance.
  • But new data from risQ provides insight into borrowers’ vulnerability across multiple climate-driven threats.
  • Comparing the risQ Score with MMA data on municipal…

The data doesn’t lie about which path we’ve continued to choose and the climate risk we need to be ready for.

Any discussion of future climate risks inevitably results in the question: “which climate scenario should I believe, RCP4.5 or RCP8.5?” At risQ, we usually tell clients to focus on RCP8.5. But why? And what are the difference? The RCPs, which is an acronym for Representative Concentration Pathways, are four different…

Population, property value and financial impairment are all correlated with climate risk, and climate change will only enhance this impact

As we’ve added clients of our climate risk and social impact data for US Fixed Income investors and stakeholders at a growing rate over the last 18 months, every new product navigates an adoption curve and common objections:

“Climate risk is already priced into the market”

“I’m good…all municipal bonds…

risQ, Inc.

We quantify climate risk, carbon transition risk and social impact for US Fixed Income, covering the full municipal bond and MBS universes

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